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Garden Prairie Nursery
Who is Garden Prairie Nursery?

We are committed to supplying our wholesale customers with the highest quality material in the Midwest.

We maintain our premier nursery to impeccable standards by using current equipment and experienced techniques. We only plant high-end liners and deliver specimen quality trees.

We offer many species and varieties of trees that most nurseries do not. If you need something special…we probably will have it. We also grow most of the standard varieties needed for any landscaping project.

We are located in Garden Prairie, IL. Because we are only a few minutes from Interstate 90, delivery or pickup from our nursery is reasonable and convenient.

We welcome you to visit us anytime. We think you’ll be impressed!

11887 US Route 20
Garden Prairie, IL 61038
Office: 815-597-1318
Fax: 815-597-1319

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